Sasha Grey for Equal Pay Day - Video

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It’s a pretty shitty feeling when you’ve just watched a famous ex porn star be allowed in a campaign to reaffirm her autonomy by embracing her time in the adult industry as a choice she is proud of, only to view the ending clip reading “find a better alternative.” Generally the only time people put money behind putting an ex adult film star in front of a camera is to discuss tragedies and injustices that happened to them while working in the industry, which is important and deserves attention, but I was excited by the chance of an ex adult star not having to publicly rebuke their experience just to be allowed to seem worth listening to. Yet the campaign pretty much dismisses what she says as an example of what women shouldn’t *have* to do to make an equal wage, yet her whole point was that it was a choice. I get what they’re getting at, but did they have to blatantly /use/ sex workers to make their point? Heavily let down by this one, personally. *shrug*


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